Hacked Exchange Zaif Resumes Trading in BCH, Points Program Adds BTC

Hacked Exchange Zaif Resumes Trading in BCH, Points Program Adds BTC 101
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101″ class =” content-img”/ > Source: iStock/yongyuan Japanese exchange Zaif– in 2015 the victim of a USD 63 million hack– has actually resumed trading in Bitcoin Cash, among the cryptocurrencies that hackers made away with in September in 2015.

Zaif suspended trading in the wake of the attack, and was consequently the topic of a takeover by Fisco, likewise the operator of the Financial Service Agency (FSA)- certified FCCE exchange. The exchange had actually prepared to resume selling Bitcoin Cash, Monacoin and start opening brand-new accounts last month.

Per a main release, Zaif states that Bitcoin Cash deals will utilize a brand-new address, and alerted users to guarantee they did not utilize the previous address by error. The exchange likewise mentioned that as Zaif would save cryptocurrency offline (most likely a recommendation to utilizing cold wallets, instead of hot wallets for consumer funds), “deals might spend some time to procedure.”

The business has actually likewise mentioned that it will hold off Zaif’s proposed combination with the FCCE exchange– and is yet to resume Monacoin trading or accept applications for brand-new accounts.

Another hacked crypto exchange, New Zealand-based Cryptopia, revealed today they have actually “protected 35% of coins on our exchange to brand-new wallets,” as they prepare to totally resume.

In a different news from Japan, per Nikkei, yet another Japanese point strategy business is going into the cryptocurrency service. Stock Point lets users accumulate points by spending for partner business’ services and products. The worth of these points is connected to the stock exchange, and points can be traded genuine, private shares in popular business.

Nikkei reports that the business has actually now included Bitcoin (BTC) to its offerings, and will probably enable users to switch or trade points for BTC.

Remixpoint, another point system operator, owns the FSA-licensed BitPoint exchange.

And e-commerce huge Rakuten, which runs a huge point-based commitment program of its own, has actually spoken about tokenizing its Super Points program. In 2015, the business’s CEO informed the Mobile World Congress, per ZDNet, “Imagine if we transform [Super Points] to cryptocurrency.” The business’s own Rakuten Coin cryptocurrency task is likewise in the pipelines.

Last month, it was commonly reported that Rakuten was on the brink of starting crypto pay operations, and the business has actually likewise led require the FSA to clarify proposed brand-new cryptocurrency guidelines.