Prohibited From Twitter & Reddit, Dark Overlord Disappears from Steemit

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Image: Cliche Hacker and Binary Code, Wikipedia After being eliminated from Twitter and Reddit, the Dark Overlord Hacking group’s account has actually been removed of Steemit. It is uncertain at this time if the choice originated from Steemit or the group itself.

The “why bitcoin matters” argument got a shot in the arm previously today when a hacker/leaking group called the Dark Overlord began using what it stated were incriminating files about 9/11, for a rate.

The Dark Overlords asked the web neighborhood at big to send them bitcoins and as more bitcoins were sent out, more files are set to be exposed. The files are set to come out in 5 groups with the most damming files being the most pricey. “Layer 1” has actually currently been launched.

Nearly instantly the authorities that be moved versus them. They were prohibited from Twitter and Reddit. Therefore they transferred to what lots of believed would be their bastion of totally free speech, the blockchain focused Steemit.

That faith, seems unproven. While Steemit has its own cryptocurrency (2, really) it is likewise simply a site which site has administrators like any other. It is definitely possible that somebody at Steemit eliminated their account. Trying to go to the Dark Overlord’s posts or their account profile on Steemit lead to a Page not discovered mistake. Their posts are archived on the blockchain.

We connected to Steemit CEO Ned Scott Monday to ask if the hacker group’s elimination was because of a restriction or a the group itself, however have actually not heard back at press time.

It ought to be kept in mind, nevertheless, that the elimination from Steemit does not imply completion of The Dark Overlord’s crowdfunding project. Bitcoin, unlike Steemit, can not prohibit people or groups from utilizing its network. And while it might be a little bit harder to discover the Dark Overlord’s leakages and bitcoin address, that info is still out there (and can be discovered in their archived posts).

Previous to signing up with Steemit, there was speculation that they might sign up with Voat or Gab, 2 other social networks websites with a focus on totally free speech. We have not had the ability to discover any such accounts at press time.

Eventually, the occasion still showcases Bitcoin’s effectiveness. In their Steemit post they pointed out that they weren’t politically encouraged. They declare that their only inspiration is cash– or in this case– pseudonymous web cash.

While it would be good if every leaker was an apotheosis of ethical supremacy, interested just in exposing the misbehaviours of the effective like Edward Snowden, that isn’t truth. In truth, many people are inspired by cash. Just with a system like bitcoin, can individuals be incentivized in this specific method. Paypal and MasterCard aren’t going to permit their users to send out cash to the Dark Overlord hacking group. Bitcoin will, since Bitcoin is liberty.

The Dark Overlord has actually currently launched “layer 1” of their files, just time (and bitcoin) will inform if they have whatever else they declare. We will continue to keep track of the scenario.