Ethereum Classic Did Not Solve Its Problem Following 51% Attack

Ethereum Classic Did Not Solve Its Problem Following 51% Attack 101
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, 100vw” srcset=” 300w, 600w, 720w, 900w, 1268w” alt =” Ethereum Classic Did Not Solve Its Problem Following 51 %Attack 101 “class =” content-img”/ > Source: iStock/hocus-focus Ethereum Classic( ETC), the tough fork of the Ethereum blockchain, has not eventually resolved the issue of the current 51% attack on the network, according to a post by its designer staff member Donald McIntyre. They presently do not understand why this took place, however it is not due

to an internal mistake, however to the reality that the network is really little and hence more vulnerable to 51% attacks. McIntyre released an article detailing the post mortem conference of the ETC group that discussed the bottom lines about the attacks, examined the neighborhood’s response, and identified next actions and possible options. The post freely specifies that the group has not fixed the issue at all, they still praise the neighborhood for the method this has been dealt with: under the “What went well?” header, the post states, “The ETC neighborhood didn’t attempt to minimize/downplay the scenario […] This post-mortem, our dedication to enhancement.”

They likewise acknowledge their failings in this matter. “No alert system– exchanges, miners, wallet operators and other stakeholders had no contact indicate start notifies or get feedback from the designers or neighborhood,” is highlighted as one of the most significant problems in case, in addition to “Giving and echoing non realities energy to conspiracy theories.”

They plan to repair this by developing a tracking system that will signal the community faster when it comes to any brand-new attacks, however likewise by substantially raising the verification time “depending upon the kind of deal.”

” We recommend 2,500 to 5,000 blocks to attain the exact same warranties as 1 to 2 Bitcoin blocks; and more if handling big deals. Basically waiting up until the expense to mine obstructs to reorg is higher than the expense of what you’ve gotten,” according to the post.

The neighborhood is not delighted about the possible longer verification time: “This makes ETC unusable … Imagine needing to wait 10+ hours to communicate with a dapp or trade tokens. Why would anybody pick to utilize this blockchain over the lots of rivals if this one needs 10+ hour wait times?” tweeted Tushar Jain, handling partner at analysis company Multicoin Capital.

China-based blockchain environment security company SlowMist claims it can recognize aggressors with the aid from exchanges such as Binance,, and Bitrue.

The attack started January 5th at 19:58:15 UTC, however the ETC group did not observe it. According to the designers, the 2 attacks on January 5/6 and January 6/7 lasted 19 hours in overall. They report that the opponent deceived numerous cryptocurrency exchanges at the same time consisting of Bitrue, and declares that the aggressor moved 54,200 ETC in overall, which the exchange will be covering the 40,000 ETC loss for all of the users. Bitrue composes that, “The enemy attempted to withdraw 13,000 ETC from our platform however got stopped by our system.”

As reported, according to Coinbase, the observed deep chain reorganization consisted of a double invest of ETC 219,500 (USD 1 million) in overall.

The cost of the ETC token has actually fallen 13.13% in the previous week, primarily due to the 9% drop in the previous 24 hours, as the entire market dropped unexpectedly.

ETC rate chart:

Ethereum Classic Did Not Solve Its Problem Following 51% Attack 102

< img src ="" sizes ="( min-width: 640px) 720px, 100vw" srcset =" 300w, 600w, 720w, 900w" alt =" Ethereum Classic Did Not Solve Its Problem Following 51% Attack 102" class=”content-img”/ > Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has actually stopped ETC financing till the network’s health has actually supported, however trading resumes as typical. Coinbase did the exact same, composing that “Due to unsteady network conditions on the Ethereum Classic network, we have momentarily handicapped all gets and sends out for ETC. Sell and purchase is not affected.” OKEx appears to have actually done even less: “All ETC trading, transferring, and withdrawal stay open and continue typical operations. The variety of verifications needed is increased to 100 for transferring and to 400 for withdrawal.”

Exchanges continue to note ETC for now, this might show to be a short-term triumph. “The enduring damage for ETC will originate from the exchanges that will consider the coin insecure and delist it,” Emin Gün Sirer, co-director of Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts at Cornell University, informed Bloomberg previously today. According to him, this may set off offering when the exchanges re-enable trades.

” Just just how much is anybody’s guess– it’s an interesting experiment in general, and we will see simply just how much of the marketplace worth is based upon principles and technical strength, which obviously and incontrovertibly headed out the window,” he worried.

Bitcoin maximalist Saifedean Ammous, teacher of economics at the Lebanese American University, belongs to the group which thinks in ETC’s inability. “Two crucial lessons from this shitcoin’s death: 1- The cost has actually hardly budged, which reveals that need for these shitcoins has absolutely nothing to do with their security, function, or security and is completely driven by speculation on exchanges. 2- It took more than a day for ETC fans & & promoters on Twitter to even understand this attack was taking place after @pierre_rochard informed them about it, due to the fact that they could not discover anybody who runs a node!” he tweeted. He has actually likewise formerly called Ethereum a “useless rip-off,” when assaulting the Proof of Stake agreement system.