BREAKING: Norwegian Millionaire Missing Since October 31st, Husband Found Threat Note Demanding 9 Million Euros in Monero

according to the Norwegian Police. Her spouse, Tom Hagen, is Norway’s 172 wealthiest individual according to Kapital. Major hazards have actually been made by what seems the abductors, which is why the authorities has actually kept a low profile considering that they began examining the missing out on individual case in November 2018. The authorities discuss that they have actually picked to go public as their huge examination has actually produced couple of leads. They require more details and think the general public may be able to assist.

Anne-Elisabeth Was Last Seen in Her Home, October 31st

According to the Norwegian Newspaper, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen was assaulted in her own restroom 10 weeks back. There are no indications of a break-in, however the cops have actually discovered proof in your house.

Anne-Elisabeth’s hubby, Tom Hagen, got here an empty house October 31st where he discovered a written letter. The letter was composed in Norwegian with spelling mistakes. The risk note required a 9 million euro ransom to be paid in the confidential cryptocurrency Monero. If the authorities got included, the hazard note went on and declared that Anne-Elisabeth would be killed. That’s why the cops believe they are handling a kidnapping case.

No Signs of Life

There has actually been no indication of life from Anne-Elisabeth considering that October 31st. The authorities think the abductors wanted Tom Hagen’s wealth. Tom Hagen is currently worth 1.7 billion NOK which equivalent 200 million USD. Tom Hagen is an investor and owns 70% of a significant energy business in Norway (Elkraft).

The cops have couple of ideas to whom the abductors are. There were no security video cameras near your house, however surrounding recordings of traffic have actually been protected.

The authorities have actually not had the ability to perform essential technical research studies openly as they hesitated of informing the abductors.

The Police request Tips

Our objective is to discover the female alive and reunite her with her household. In major criminal activity cases, time is an essential element. We depend upon suggestions that can assist us come closer to discovering Anne-Elisabeth.

Interpol and Europol are Involved

Consisting of several authorities districts, the Norwegian Police have actually included Europol and Interpol in attempting to fix the case. Norwegian news websites have actually understood the kidnapping case for a longer time period, however has actually been asked to keep info from the general public.

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